kosiproducts-logo-grey-background.png Kosiproducts is a trading style of Treeline Products UK Ltd.  Kosiproducts trade under 4 distnint   brands catering for a variety of product markets and segments.  We manufacture all of our products in the UK at our Bolton Factory.  All the product parts are bought locally and most of them Oeki Tex certified and recycled.  The finished products are sewn, stitched, processed and assembled in our UK factory.


 kosipet-logo-1.png Brand caters for dog beds and pet beds, offering a variety of Cushion Dog beds, Pocket Sprung Dog Beds as well as High Density Memory Foam Dog Beds and Orthopedic Dog Beds.  Catering for a variety of sizes and dog bed thickness with a rectangle shape and polar fleece fabric machine washable removable dog bed covers. However, we will be expanding into other sizes, shapes and cloth material and uses. The high density memory foam and the hollow fibre we use for our dog beds are made from high quality, fire retardant, 100% recycled Polyester. Ensuring that you get the best as well as protecting our environment.


Kosipet Thick Foam Dog Bed Mattress Kosipet Cushion Dog Beds Kosipet Pocket Sprung Dog Beds Kosipet Orthopedic Dog Bed Mattress Kosipet Replacement Dog Bed Covers
Thick Foam Dog Bed Mattress Cushion Dog Beds Pocket Sprung Dig Beds Orthopedic Dog Beds Replacement Dog Bed Covers


koispad-logo-1.png Brand Caters for our padded products such Gymnastics crash mats, outdoor garden furniture such as Euro Pallet Cushion Pads, Bench Pads, Waterproof Cushions, and Sun Loungers.  Each of our Kosipads are selected from high quality, fire retardant, 100% recycled Polyester. Ensuring that you get the best as well as protecting over environment.  We use very little machinery and most of our tasks are manually done to ensure that we contribute as little as possible to our global climate change problems.

Gymnastic Crash Mats Pallet Cushion Seating Pads Bench Cushion Seating Pads sun lounger mattresses Outdoor Waterproof Cushions
 Gymnastics Crash Mats  Pallet Cyshion Seating  Bench Cushion Seating  Sun Lounger Mattresses  Waterproof Garden Cushions


kosikrfats-logo-1.png Brand caters predominantly for our cut to measure fleece fabric for everyday crafting, upholstery, DIY, school college project work, fashion apparel and a wide variety of other products as well. Floor Cushion Pillows for the relaxing lounge. We also offer, Spray Glue, Craft Buttons, Tape and a variety of other products as well. Hollow Fibre filling for toys, cushions, dog beds, upholstery, and many other uses. 100% Polyester, Fire retardant Hollow fibre filling as well as Hollow Fibre and Memory Foam mixed Fibre filling for toy stuffing, upholstery, dog beds and many other uses.


Polar Fleece Fabric Material craft-buttons.jpg Hollow Fibre Filling Memory Foam Chips Filling Memory Foam Chips and Hollow Fibre Mix Filling
Fleece Fabric Craft Button Hollow Fibre Filling Memory Foam Chips Filling Fibre + Foam Mix Filling


kosikush-logo-1.png Predominantly caters for Floor Cushions, Fleece Sofa Cushions, Carpet underlay, which is amongst the top selling lines of Amazon and eBay for us. Kosikush Super Soft Carpet Underlay will give you the best performance. The Super soft Under lay is manufactured by Interfloor and is retailed by Kosikush which is a trademark of Treeline Products UK Ltd. The full Roll Size is 15.07m2, it is 100% made from recycled foam and conforms to British Standards safety guidelines BS5808:1991. Putting it simply, 'You can't Go Wrong' with this.

Supersoft Carpet Underlay accoustic-underlay.jpg Large Floor Cushions Cushion Inners and Inserts Replacment Floor Cushion Covers
Carpet Underlay Accoustic Soundproof Underlay Floor Cushions Cushion Inners + Inserts Floor Cushion Cover