Shock Absorbing Crash Mats

Dual Layered Shock Absorbing Crash Mats.  are perfect for any professional or beginner or gymnast enthusiast for home, office or garden use.. The extra thick 10cm High Density Dual Layered Foam crash mats foam ensures safety for the gymnast and are perfect to use in any situation. The Gym Mat can be used in the sports and play sector.

Typical Uses of Gymnastics crash mats  include: Gymnastics, Gymnastics landing, Tumbling, fall protection, Aerial performance protection, under indoor rock climbing walls, Training classes in law enforcement, police academies, fire fighting, and military combat training facilities, For fall protection during aerial training such as Trapeze, Silks, and Lyra, Acrobatics Classes, elevated structures from which kids may fall down, on-ground crashes, Nurseries, Schools, Playgroups to create a safe environment for children, Soundproofing upper floors if used for exercising, training and weightlifting, kit out Home gyms, office gyms, workout gyms.

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