Thick Foam Dog Bed Mattress

Thick Foam Dog bed Mattress are designed for dogs that prefer to sleep and lounge on a flat bed as well as for slightly heavier dogs or dogs with slight medical problems such as arthritis as opposed to the more softer Cushion Dog Beds.  The Thick Foam Dog Bed Mattress is big enough to allow your dog to stretch and loung and yet small enough to fit anywhere in the house.  The Thick foam base gives great comfort and helps reduce joint pains and provides for an excellent all round sleeping and napping place.  These Thick Foam Dog Beds come with waterproof lining, removable and replaceable dog bed covers, made from anti pill machine washable Polar Fleece Fabric.  The Dog bed fleece fibre Cover has great shape retention ability. The Thick foam, provides the ultimate in comfort and support.  Kosipet's Dog beds are not cheap and yet not expensive either they are very affordable and we have taken great care in making sure that they are affordable and yet providing all the comfort, safety and durability for the needs of your pet as well.

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