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Hollow Fibre Fillings

Cushion fillers, Cushion Stuffing. Soft Toy Stuffing, Pillow Stuffing, arts and crafts are just a few of the items that our Hollow fibre and Memory foam chips can be used for.  We offer the hollow fibre filling on its own as well as the Memory Foam Chips Crumble on its own, but we have also formulated a special mix by mixing the right of Memory foam and Hollow Fibre, which is then put through a carding machine to give it a good mix, a very high loft and a 'soft bounce' back feel.  All of our hollow fibre filling is put through a carding machine irrespective whether they are mixed with memory foam chips or not to give that soft 'candy floss' type feeling.  All of our stuffing/filling is available as 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg bags.  The hollow fibre and memory foam chips are made from 100% Polyester.