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Pallet Cushion Pads

Pallet Seating Cushions will Bring Comfort, elegance, style and colour to your Garden and your Garden furnitue with our f Vibrant Range of colours for Pallet Seating Cushions. Although these Waterproof pallet cushions are ideally designed for the Euro Pallet Garden Furniture, but there size and shape can be used in a variety of creative ways. The euro pallet seating pads are made in the UK and are an ideal way to spend time in the Garden during the spring and Summer months. The waterproof Pallet Cushions are made from high density fire retardant foam, with a 4oz Waterproof Nylon PU cover, allowing it be waterproof and easy wipe clean so that you don’t have to worry about any spillages.  The Pallets Cushion Pads are guaranteed to bring more life to your existing outdoor garden furniture, giving more comfort, when not needed, just simply remove the cushions pads and store away safely to be used again.  Bring even more life and comfort to your garden with our Outdoor Waterproof Cushions, avaiable as Square and Rectangle cushions in a variety of sizes, colours and packs.

We offer, the Full Seat (120cm x 80cm x 13cm) and Full Back (120cm x 40cm x 13cm) pallet cushions as a set, as well as Full Seat Only (120cm x 80cm x 13cm) Cushion Pad, Full Back only (120cm x 40cm x13cm ) Cushion Pad, Half Seat Only (60cm x 80cm x 13cm) Cushion Pad and Half Back Only (60cm x 80cm x 13cm) cushion Pad. We do also offer bespoke cut to size pallet cushion pads as well. Please see our ‘custom pallet cushions’ page for more Instructions.