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Gymnastics Crash Mats

Kosiproducts offer a wide variety of gymnastics crash mats, tumbling Mats, excercise mats in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. Kosiproducts offer the 4cm Thick floor mats, ideal for meditation, yoga, stretch excercises and can also be used as safety mats.  For more aggressive excercises when firmness and stability is required, we offer the 10cm Thick Gym Crash Mats, made from high grade, high density 100% recycled Polyurethane Foam. The foam pads provide for a safe place for gymnastics, excercising, suitable for children's play areas, nurseries and a variety of other purposes.  For the more aggressive excercising, safety and high impact and comfort needs we also provide the 15cm Thick Gym Mats, giving even more stability and firmness to sustain landing, tumbling, free running, martial arts, gymnastics and general exercising giving strong resilience.  The Gymnastics Crash mats are available in 10 vibrant colours and 5 sizes, thus accomodating the needs of the novice through to the professional.

Custom Made Gym Mats.  For those looking for a specific size and specific thickness on their mats, we offer the two choices.  Firstly you can visit our Custom Made Gym Mats Page and see if the deisred dimensions are there for you or if it's something really specific you want please contact us using our contact us page.  When contacting us please ensure you add the Length x Width x Thickness as well as the colour and we will happy to email you back with a quotation within 24 hours.