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Gymnastics Crash Mats

Manufactured in the UK, our gymnastics crash mats come in a variety of colours, sizes and styles under the trade brand of Kosipad. The 10cm Thick Foam Gym Crash Mats are made from high grade, high density 100% recycled Polyester Foam. The Sponge foam pads provide for a safe place for gymnastics, excersizing, suitable for children's play areas, nurseries and a variety of other purposes. We also offer the 3cm thick foam gym crash mat, again can be used for all sorts of gymnastics, exercises, Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and other activities. For those in need of even a more tougher and high impact crash mat, kosiproducts offer the 9cm, 15cm and 18cm Pocket sprung gym crash mats, giving more resilience and stability. These extra thick crash mats are made from High Carbon Steel pocket springs covered with high density foam to sustain landing, tumbling, free running, martial arts, gymnastics and general exercising giving strong resilience.

Kosipad is part of the Kosiproducts family of brands which includes Kosipet, Kosikush, and Kosikrafts