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Replacement Dog Bed Covers

Kosipets Replacement Dog Bed Covers come in a variety of colours and designs. The Replacement Dog Bed Cover is Rectangle in shape. Made from Grade 'A' Anti Pill Machine Washable Polar Fleece Fabric. The Dog bed enclosure has a velcro style hard grip fastening. With a variety of colours to choose from these dog bed covers will perfectly blend with your house interiors as well.  Made from Grade 'A' Polar fleece, these dog bed covers are soft, comfortable as well as strong and durable.

To maintain longevity of the dog bed We highly recommend that you always have a spare Bed cover for your Dog Bed so that if one gets dirty or is in the washing then the dog bed is not left bare otherwise the dog may damage the Mattress or the interior of the hollow fibre dog bed.  Originally designed for our Dog bed Cushions and the Thick Foam Dog Bed Mattresses, but they can also be used for any Rectangle shaped dog bed. When Purchasing a replacement dog bed cover, please check the dimensions of your dog bed, to ensure that the dog bed covers fit.

Kosipet dog beds come with an additional dog cover for free when you buy any dog bed.  The extra replacement dog bed cover will help with the longevity of the dog bed as you can replace the spoiled dog bed cover immediately with a clean one whilist the other one is in the wash.