Thank you for visiting our custom-made foam pads page. Previously we only offered a limited range of customisations on our foam pads, due to increasing number of enquiries from our customers, we have extended the range of our customisations on the foam pads that we offer. The custom foam pads can be used for a variety of purposes including Custom Outdoor Cushion Seating, Custom Bench Seating to liven up your garden and create seating pads to fit a variety of outdoor garden furniture. The custom pads can also be used to create your own bespoke custom gym mats, safety mats for use underneath swings, exercise bars, weightlifting, play areas for children (please see list below).

We do offer our fixed sized Pallet Seating, Bench seating, Gymnastics crash mats, Cage and crate mats, sun loungers, but they all come in fixed sizes. Here you can create your own sized mats, with your own desired thickness. We offer a choice of 10 Water resistant 150 Denier 4oz Polyester Fabric Covers that will surely brighten up your garden Space.

To create your own Custom Foam Pads, it is very important that you read the instructions below:

Dimensions Required. Before Creating your custom pads online, please have the Length (A) Width (B) and Thickness (C) of what you are creating on Hand (see Diagram) for each pad. The pricing structure is not based on the exact dimensions you enter but is based on the Range within which you dimension fall. Due to the limitations on the website, we have had to create a separate page for each pad thickness that we offer. So, there are separate pages for each colour and Pad thicknesses that we offer ranging from 4cm Thick up to 13cm Thick. Please ensure that you have selected the correct colour page and correct thickness page. (Please see below ‘How to Navigate between colours and thickness of Pads)

As an example, we will create a ‘Royal Blue’ Pad, with Dimension; 115cm Length (A), 63 Width (B), and 12cm Thickness (C).

Step 1 - Enter Length Range.





In the ‘Length Range Cm' Drop down, choose the range in which the Width of your Custom pad falls,

The width of our pad in the example is 115cm, so the range we need to choose is '110cm - 119cm'











Step 1 - Enter Width Range.





In the ‘Width Range Cm' Drop down, choose the range in which the Width of your Custom pad falls,

The width of our pad in the example is 63cm, so the range we need to choose is '60cm - 69cm'










Step 3 - Enter Actual Length Required.





In the 'Actual Length Required CM (Max 300cm) Box Enter the Actual Length of your Custom Pad '115'












Step 4 - Enter Actual Width Required.





In the 'Actual Width Required CM (Max 200cm) Box Enter the Actual Width of your Custom Pad '63'

As this is a listing for a 12cm Thick Pad, the Default Pad Thickness on this Option is 12cm and is already pre-filled for you.

If you need an alternative thickness, you will need to go to a different page (See Links Below)







 Step 5 - Enter Quantity.





In the Quantity Box, enter the number of Pads you require for these dimensions.










Step 6 - ADD TO CART.





Once you are satisfied, click 'ADD TO CART' button.

If you wish to continue shopping and add more custom pads, you may do so by repeating steps 1 to 6 or you can go to Checkout.









Step 7. 

Once you click on view cart, you will be able to see everything that you have ordered, please double check, the surface area, dimensions and quantity that you have ordered. If you need to make changes please click on 'Change' or if you need to change quantities then please change them in the quantity box. The Cart will automatically update to reflect the changes you have made. Once you are happy with your selection, click on Checkout and proceed to the payment page.



As mentioned previously, All orders will be checked on receipt, if your the width range and Length Range is not in line with the Actual Dimensions you have entered, your order will be automatically rejected and a refund issued, an email will be sent out to you to let you know that the order was rejected due to this and we will send you instrcutions on how to complete your order.


As these are custom orders, we cannot ship them out on the day we receive the order. Please note the Following:

  • All orders for custom pads received before 1pm are sent to the Foam Cutters at 1:30pm
  • The Foam Cutters, will then cut the foam to your desired specifications and send them back to us the following day
  • Once we have received the Cut Foam, we will get the waterproof covering cut, stitched and ready for packing
  • The items will be packed and labeled for shipping
  • This process before being dispatched can take upto 3-4 working days and then the delivery time, which could be bewteen 2-3 working days.
  • We Will not be able to accept PRIORITY delivery for the custom pads. If you do select priority delivery for these then, we cannot dispatch these on a NEXT DAY basis until we have received the Foam Back and completed the Pads.

Please allow 1-2 day margin for any unforseen circumstances that may occur during the process.

To Recap:

  • Day 1:     You Place Order before 1pm, the request for foam cutting sent to Foam Cutter on the same day
  • Day 2:     Pre-cut foam received from Cutter, order sent to factory floor for waterproof cutting and covering
  • Day 3:     Items checked and prepared for Shipping - Items dispatched.
  • Day 3-6:   Items being delivered by couriers to your doorstep. If PRIORITY is selected then Day 4 would be a delivery day.

Returns Policy for Custom Pad

As these are custom pads, cut and made to your specifications, we are unable to offer returns and refunds and are therefore Non-Refundable for these unless the fault directly lies with us. As a result of this, we ask, again, to please ensure that the measurements that you have stated are accurate and to the nearest Centimetre.