Although we are predominantly Manufacturers selling directly to our online customers, but we do cater for Large Bulk orders and in particular Special orders that require specific sizes, shapes, colours etc.  We have a dedicated representative who looks after all of our custom orders, bulk orders and special orders as well.  We have an in-house team of specialist sewing machinists, Foam cutters as well fabric cutters.

Bulk Orders: We offer bulk discounts on all of  our current range of products.  The discounts vary according the volume requested.  For a quote on Bulk orders please contact out representative using our contact us page.  When filling out the form, please ensure you provide us with as much detail as possible so that we can respond in a timely manner.  For example, the exaact quantity of the sizes, the colours, and special requests as well as delivery time.  We do not buy in our products, they are all manufactured on demand, so we are very flexible in metting special requests.

Special Orders:  We welcome special order requests for items that we do not make on a regular basis.  We have an in-house team of machinists, Foam cutters, Packers and special courier rates.  We are  able to do a wide variety of special order requests.  We have catered for special orders for outdoor events, filming studios, schools, playgrounds, photography studios, special traing events to name just a few.  We also offer the ability to print logos onto some of our fabrics.  Whetever your request is for a special order, please do not hesitate to contact us, giving us as much detail as possible for your request.

Fast Turnaround:  For the smaller bulk orders (5-10) items we aim to turn them around within 24 hours and have them dispatched to you.  For Larger order, we will give you a date and Guarantee to ship on that date (usually 3-5 days),  for very large orders, we would discuss a delivery date and gaurantee for it to arrive when you request it.  For urgent orders, we are able to re-adjust to ensure urgent orders can be processed as fast as possible.

Pricing:  Our website prices for our current range of products is already very competitive. However, for larger bulk orders we guarantee to discount further.  The level of discount is dependednt on the qunatity and complexity of the order.  Please enquire using our contact us form.

Customer Service:  During the whole process, from the initial enquiry to the delivery, the representative will look after you and will remain in close communication even after working hours and at the weekends as well.  They will ensure the correct items are ordered in, and instrcutions given to factory staff, and continually monitore their work to ensure it is done accurately and on timely scale to meet the required deadlines.   The representative has full authority to give prices on special and bulk orders to our customers without asking for authorization.  Hence, the ability to quickly give you a quote at the best possible price, taking into consideration your requirements.

Our Guarantee:  We will do our best to cater for your need and give you solutions on how best to manage your special requirements.  If there is something we cannot do, we will say simply that we cannot do it.  However, if there is something tricky, we will do our best to do it or find a way around it.

We pride ourselves in excellent response time, unbeatable pricing and a very fast turnaround period.