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Pocket Sprung Dog Beds

Our Pocket Sprung dog bed thick foam Mattresses are designed for the larger and heavier dogs that need a more firmer and stronger place to lounge and sleep.  The pocket sprung dog beds can be used as Orthopedic Dog beds as the springs provide extra support for the dog.  Unlike some of the other pocket sprung dog beds on the market the kosipet dog beds are much cheaper and affordable in price without comprimising any comfort levels, safety and luxury for your dog.   Kosipets' Pocket Sprung dog beds are made using several individual springs encased in cloth sleeves, namely pocket, hence the name Pocket Sprung. These pocket springs are then encapuslated in thick High Density Foam.  These pocket springs move independentely of each other and contouring the mattress to the shape of the dog or pets Body. The Thick foam also allows for the utmost level of comofort and support for your dog.  The Pocket Sprung Dogs beds are much firmer than our Dog Bed Cushions and the Thick Foam Dog Bet Mattresses and are designed for heavier dog breeds and dogs with medical conditions like arthrities and require a more orthopaedic Dog Bed.  These dog mattresses come with a removable Fleece Dog Bed Cover which can be machine washed.

The Kosipet Pocket Sprung dog bed Mattresses are a great all round choice, they are portable, soft, cosy, affordable and with 20 colours and 3 sizes to choose from, you should be able to find one that suits the interior of your home.  Kosipet dog beds come with an additional dog cover for free when you buy any dog bed.  The extra replacement dog bed cover will help with the longevity of the dog bed as you can replace the spoiled dog bed cover immediately with a clean one whilist the other one is in the wash.