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Kosipet Dog Beds

Kosipet dog beds have everything a dog needs for comfort, relaxation and sleep. A lot of the dog beds on the market are expensive and very inefficient, koispet dog beds are cheap, efficient and easy care.  We have been manufacturing and selling these dog beds for nearly 15 years and our customers have found them, cheap, comforting, easy to maintain and easy care.  Dog beds don’t have to break the bank, they should be affordable, easy and cheap to replace.  That is why we at Kosipets manufacture dog beds that have over 20 colours in choice in every style, three sizes, range of flat bad dog beds, cushion dog beds, Pocket Sprung dog beds and Orthopedic dog beds all at reasonably cheap affordable prices.

What makes our dog beds different?

For the Cushion Dog Beds, we use a specially formulated mix of Hollow fibre and memory foam chips that are put through a carding machine to make the fibre soft and lofty giving it that softy candy floss like feeling on the dog bed and at the same ensuring that the dog bed is comfortable, it retains insulating power, keeping the dog bed warm, it is breathable so that air passes through the dog bed easily.  The medium size dog bed is filled upto 15cm in thickness with the hollow fibre and foam chips filling, the Large and X-Large dog beds are filled with nearly 20cm of hollow fibre and foam filling.

For the Thick Foam Dog Bed Mattresses, they are made from Thick high density 10cm Foam Pads, designed for dogs that prefer a more stable and firm dog bed, giving the dog the same sort of luxuries and the comfort as our other dog beds. The Flat Bed dog bed mattress is designed for dogs that enjoy lounging and sleeping on a flat surface and do not prefer to snuggle in a cushion dog bed.

Our Pocket sprung dog beds are designed for the heavier dogs that require a more solid and stable surface that can withstand their weight as well as providing more comfort and strength.  The Pocket sprung dog beds are also ideal for dogs with ailments such as arthritis, achy bones and other medical ailments that effect the comforting movements of your dog.  The pocket springs are made from high carbon stainless steel and are packed in small fabric pockets (hence, pocket sprung).  The pocket springs work independently of each other thus allowing the shape of the mattress to contour  to the shape and movement of your dog.

The Orthopedic Dog Beds are specifically designed for dogs with physical ailments and struggle to get around and need a firmer, stable and stronger bed to sit on, sleep on and lounge on.  The orthopedic bed conforms to your dogs body giving the achy joints cushion and comfort.  These Orthopedic dog beds are ideal for dogs with ailments such as arthritis, bone injuries, old age, achy joints, senior and Mature dogs needing comfort. The Orthopaedic beds lessen the chance of your dog developing beds sores, reduces pain, reduces stiffness, encourages healing. Comes with waterproof inner lining to protect the foam mattress.

Waterproof Inner Lining

All kosipet dog beds are encased in a waterproof lining to protect the dog bed cushion and mattress from spillages, urine and other liquids.  This gives the dog bed longevity to the most important part of the dog bed, which is the cushion or mattress bed.

Removable and Replaceable Dog Bed Cover with Hard Grip Fastening.

All Kosipet dog beds once encased in its waterproof lining are further covered with a Removable Fleece fabric Dog Bed Cover, allowing for the dog bed cover to be machine washed. We recommend that you should always have a ‘Spare’ dog bed cover, one in the machine whilst one is on the dog bed cover.

Hard Grip Fastening.

All of Kosipet’s dog beds come with a Velcro style hard grip fastening. Easy to open and easy to close.  We originally used to use zip’s as a closure method for our dog bed covers.  However, over time and as well as customer complaints, we realized that zips tend to get ripped, they break, rust, jam and your dog sometimes may chew them as well.  As a result of these issues we switched to using hard grip fastening and we have since drastically reduced, if not eliminated such problems.  Which has resulted in the longevity of the dog bed covers and thus saving our customers a lot of money.