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Cushion Dog Beds

A dog bed is somehwere where your dog can retreat to after a hard working day or a day of pampering!. The dog bed is the dog's little palace where it find's relaxation, the dog's own space, comfort and sleep time.  Kosipet Cushion Dog Beds are designed just to give your dog those luxuries.  Not too cheap and yet not expensive either, our dogs come with all the luxuries and comfort for your pet at very affordable prices.  Cheap dog beds tend not to last very long and also cheap dog beds tend not provide value for money and the comforts your pet deserves.  Filled with a  blend of Polyester Hollow Fibre and High Density Memory Foam chips, our cushion dog beds give excellent cushioning and insulation. These Cushion dog beds generate a superb bounce back by trapping the air within the man made fibres and the Memory foam chips. Thus Giving the Cushion dog bed the bounce back it requires. 

Kosipet Cushion dog beds are light weight, easy to look after and fairly portable. These cushion dog beds have a removable Fleece Fabric dog bed cover. Which is easy to clean and easy to replace.  The hollow Fibre Dog beds provides for soft to medium support.  Ideally suited for upto mid sized breeds upto 25kg.  The Hollow Fibre Memory Foam Dog beds do not flatten over time, providing they are cared and looked after. Kosipet dog beds come with an additional dog cover for free when you buy any dog bed.  The extra replacement dog bed cover will help with the longevity of the dog bed as you can replace the spoiled dog bed cover immediately with a clean one whilist the other one is in the wash.