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Laminate/Carpet Underlay

Kosikush Luxury yet affordable Super Soft Carpet Underlay (Manufactured by Interfloor)  giving you thick, dense and spongy feel, providing unrivalled cushioning. The Super soft underlay provides for extra insulation, blocking cold air from getting through and prevents warm air from escaping. The 10mm and 8mm thick underlay has shock absorbing properties and can extend the life of your carpet by upto 50%.  The thick super soft underlay provides noise reduction properties and can reduce noise by upto 30%.  As the underlay preserves ‘carpet pile’ making it easier to clean the carpet and allowing it to be more hygienic.  Our underlay is manufactured by Interfloor  and is retailed by Kosikush which is a trademark of Treeline Products UK Ltd.

The Underlay is not too thick, so that it doesn't get stuck under doorways. Not too thin to erode and not give the softness you need.  With experience of selling Carpet Underlay over many years we have seen that our 8mm and 10mm super soft carpet underlay has been by far the best seller on the market, particularly on Amazon.  Why?.  We have asked our customers and they regard this as the perfect thickness for the carpet underlay.  It is super soft and it feels like 'Walking on Air'.  Laying and cutting the underlay is easy. The price is great.

Kosikush Super Soft Carpet underlay now comes with 'EXTRA BOUNCE'. Gives excellent base level protection for your carpet. and will provide high sound reduction, thermal and comfort properties. The full Roll Size is 15.07m2, it is 100% made from recycled foam and conforms to British Standards safety guidelines BS5808:1991. Putting it simply, 'You can't Go Wrong' with this.  The underlay is reasonably cheap when compared to other brands and yet provide unrivalled luxury.