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Which Dog Bed should I get for my Dog ?

Which Dog Bed should I get for my Dog ?

Posted by Kosiproducts on 9th Apr 2020

Sometimes choosing a dog as a pet is probably easier than choosing which dog bed to get for your dog! So many varieties, colours, sizes to choose from and can get daunting sometimes. Dog beds serve a variety of purposes for the dog himself, his owner and the home the dog lives.

What is a good fit Dog Bed for your dog?

Dog BedsDog Beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, fabrics etc.  But it’s important to understand how your dog bed behaves whilst he is napping, sleeping or just lounging.  You will notice how they curl up, stretch, lie on their side, in the belly etc. That will give you an idea if you need flat bed Dog bed mattress, cushioned dog bed, Nested dog bed.

Dog beds come in a variety of sizes, you need to make sure that the dog bed you choose is big enough for your pet, it’s durable, he is able to lie on the dog bed in any position he wants and is not forced to lie in a certain position as some of the dog beds are great for looks and may look big but may force the dog to curl up and not be able to stretch himself properly as they can restrict the way the dog lies.

If your dog loves to curl up and snuggle then a nested (dog bed with sides) might be suitable, if your dog loves to stretch and really lounge then a flat bed or a cushioned dog bed might be more appropriate.  If you have an elderly dog or with physical ailments then consider getting a Pocket Sprung Dog bed as they really do help the pet to be comfortable and the contours of the bed fit around the dog.  If your dog is shy, nervous or a bit ‘unsocial’ then an igloo style dog bed might be more appropriate for him to hide in until things calm down!

Make sure the Dog Bed has Easy Wash ability

Dog BedsMost dog beds are made with foam or Hollow fibre or a hollow fibre blend. What is important is the cover of the bed, you need to be able to remove the cover EASILY, wash it and replace it without too much difficulty.  The cover needs to be quality, I personally like the fleece dog bed covers as they mimic the earth and dogs love to paw over the earth before lying down. They are easy to wash and cosy. Ensure that either the dog bed cover or the lining around the foam/padding of the dog bed is waterproof as this helps in preventing the dog bed from getting damp and the actual dog bed mattress or stuffing remains safe and clean and waterproof lining is even more important if your dog has a habit of wetting his dog bed.

Choosing the right Location for the Dog Bed

Dog Beds

Choosing the location of the dog bed in the house is another key point to consider.  This obviously is depended on how much space is available in the house.  Key factors are to ensure that is located in a draft-free area, somewhere where it is reasonably warm, safe and a place which they can call their own.  If you have enough space in the house then Two beds might be a good idea where you can put one bed in a quite warm place for him sleep and take longer naps, and the other located in the family room where he can lounge and take short naps and be a part of the family.

Dogs with special needs will require special dog beds, the most popular being the Pocket Sprung god beds, obviously a lot more costly than your average dog beds, but if the dog is elderly or has physical ailments (ie, arthritis) then money should really not be a consideration but if you shop around for similar dog beds you will see fairly substantial price differences.


Most dogs will chew, bite and paw and as a result you need to ensure that the dog bed is a safe environment for your dog. You don’t want things on the dog bed which are loose or easy to take off by the dogs persistent chewing of it, loose strapping of any kind so that he does not get entangled in it and ensure the dog bed cover is strong enough to sustain the dogs pawing.  Although most dog beds are made with the Pets safety in mind, but only you know your dog better than anyone else and only you can judge what is safe for your pet.